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Burnham Game Calls - game calls and hunting products from Murry Burnham Game Calls in Marble Falls Texas
Murry Burnham Game Calls
1110 Burnham Ranch Road
Spicewood, Texas 78669

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CD Game Caller

Lightweight CD game caller. Weighs less than 3 pounds. It make a lot of volume thanks to the amplifier. The caller comes with a CD player that uses AA batteries, an amplifier that uses a 9 volt battery, 50 foot extension cord, 15 watt weatherproof speaker, camouflage carrying bag. CDC  $149.95


Baby Cottontail $11.95
Grown Cottontail $11.95
Young Jackrabbit $11.95
Grown Jackrabbit $11.95
Young Turkey in Distress $11.95
Turkey Fight $11.95
Crow & Owl Fight $11.95
Crows in Distress $11.95
Quail in Distress $11.95
Yellowhammer Woodpecker $11.95
Young Deer in Distress $11.95
Grown Deer in Distress
Yearling Deer in Distress
Adult Gray Fox
Gray Fox Pup
Rat in Distress
Kid Goat
Wild Housecat
Coyote Puppies
Baby Javelina

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