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 MERCURY SWITCH SHOOTING LIGHT.....Mercury Switch Shooting Light
 The light is easy to mount, just mount the ring on your scope then attach the light to the ring with a thumb screw. The ring stays on the scope so the light can be attached or removed in seconds. The light plugs into your vehicles 12 volt system or a recharable battery pack (not included). Comes complete with a 12 foot cord and standard cigarette lighter plug. Illumination distance....One Mile.

 "Gives You the Edge When Shooting Predators at Night"
This light uses a 12 volt, 100,000 candlepower sealed beam bulb. It throws a brilliant tight spot for long range night shooting. The light mounts on your scope and lights up the target so there's no fumbling with a hand held spotlight. Use the on/off slide master switch by itself or in conjunction with the mercury switch. When the master switch is on and the light and gun are tilted to the side the light goes off. When you see a predator, just raise the gun to your shoulder and shoot. It's that easy because the light and scope are already lined up with your target and the mercury switch is automatic.

Mercury Switch Light (MSL-100) $ 79.95
Without Mercury Switch (HL-100) $ 67.95

Learn coyote calling hunting secrets from one of Texas' Best!! A must for any hunter's library.  $14.95

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Murry Burnham's Secrets - Book MURRY BURNHAM'S HUNTING SECRETS
At last...learn all those true hunting secrets from one of Texas' Best!! A must for any hunter's library.  $17.95

Official Burnham Game Calls Cap


3 Foot Swivel Snares
$36.00 per Dozen

Super Loud Calling Speaker  SUPER LOUD CALLING SPEAKER
Weather-proof with a 15 watt speaker. Comes with a 10 foot cord and 1/8" plug.  $21.95


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